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    Patent Attorneys before European Patent Office and Croatian
SIPO and Trademark Attorneys before Croatian SIPO

Milivoja Matošeca 2
10090 Zagreb

tel: +385 1 375 88 07
fax: +385 1 222 36 40
e-mail: info@vivalang.hr

  1. Market analisys and competitor tracking
  2. Advise on fund rising
  3. Advise on inventing around
  4. Bring and defand action relating to the infringement
  5. Advice in the context of acqusition of the rights owned by third party
  6. IP portfolio management
  7. Evaluation/valuation
  8. Providing internal training for IP management

Market analisys

VivaLang supports clients accross the entire market research value chain. From data collection to advace analitycs VivaLang is one stop shop for all reserch needs.

Among others we provide following services:

Sector Monitoring
VivaLang monitors the sector by conducting industry studies. We track industry trends and development of new products, best practices, market size, distribution channels, etc.

Market Segment Studies
VivaLang examine specific market segments for market size, consumer/client preferences, competitors and products, regulatory issues, distribution networks, etc.

Market Expansion Studies
We study the market to analyse the potential of new customer segments for your current products, and identify new product categories and geographies to enable market expansion. These studies will also enable your company to focus on its internal research activities.

Value Chain Analysis
We conduct in-depth business research studies of the value chain to understand the market characteristics (supply and demand, size and growth of the business, industry trends, technology assessment, competitor positioning, consumer preferences, regulatory/legal requirements, etc.).

Competitive Research
We profile your key competitors to help you understand their products and services better (features/functions/branding/customer satisfaction). We conduct research on their customer base, management teams, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, key business initiatives, M&A activities, R&D activities, etc.

Business Partner Identification & Analysis
We conduct business research to identify and evaluate prospective distribution partners in any geography worldwide, be it in the US, the UK, Europe, Latin America or Asia-Pacific. We also develop contact lists of potential business partners.

Advise on fund rising

Vivalang offers bussiness plan preparation and pitch paper develpment – neccesarry documents whether you are loking for bussienss angels/Venture capital or bank loan.