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    Patent Attorneys before European Patent Office and Croatian
SIPO and Trademark Attorneys before Croatian SIPO

Milivoja MatoŇ°eca 2
10090 Zagreb

tel: +385 1 375 88 07
fax: +385 1 222 36 40
e-mail: info@vivalang.hr

  Trademarks and Designs
  1. Identity/similarity searches with advice whether TM/Design can be registred inparticular country
  2. Filing and prosecution national/international applications
  3. Renewals
  4. Cease and desist letter
  5. Recordal of changesRecordal of mergers and assignements
  6. Recordal of licenses
  7. Collective trademark filing and prosecution

Filing and prosecution national/international TM/Design applications

  1. Bring and defand opposition action
  2. Bring and defand cancelation action
  3. Reply to the official action regarding absolute grounds for refusal
  4. Bring and defand revocation action